Job Purpose

Provide organization and technical expertise to construct the project in accordance with the contract documents.​ Provide total control by studying contracts, contract documents, shop drawings and submittals to ensure subcontractor timely compliance with contractural obligations.

Job Summary

 The Project Engineer is ultimately responsible for all start-up and project closeout compliance, daily tracking and publications of all RFI’s, submittals, etc. including all logs and meeting agenda.. ​ Work with the Project Manager to develop a project schedule that is supported by the submittal schedule.​ Monitor with and assist the Project Manager in the execution of the project financial goals. ​ Be a problem solver prior to the work taking place and ensure that the work meets or exceeds the requirements of the contract documents.​


Project Coordination, Engineering and Management

    • Receive, develop, track and distribute RFIs and responses.
    • Change orders: logging, tracking and reporting on potential COs, issued COs, revisions, etc.
    • Coordinate with superintendents and project manager in scheduling trades, maintaining the construction schedule and preparing schedules for use in the office, field and meetings.
    • Ensure superintendents’ needs for labor, equipment and supplies are met.
    • Collect subcontractor submittals and review for compliance with the contract documents.
    • Prepare submittals and substitution requests and issue to the owner/architect, as well as tracking and distribution.
    • Prepare and distribute meeting agendas with supplemental documents.
    • Accurately take meeting minutes and track the status of meeting items through closure; distribute for comments/corrections, track and publish/finalize meeting minutes.
    • Purchase GC-furnished items and ensure delivery to the site at the proper time.
    • Coordination between ACR team members and subcontractors.
    • Interpreting plans, specifications, and details for subcontractors and craft persons.
    • Permitting and agency approval


Bidding, Buyout and Purchasing 

  • Thorough review and comprehension of bid documents, including reports, owner’s specifications, conceptual and permit drawings, and scopes of work.
  • Assemble list of trades and bidder lists based on bid documents, ensuring thorough coverage of the project scope prior to sending bid invitations.
  • Lead clarification process, keeping bidders and team members current on available information and latest revisions to the bid documents.



  • Prepare closeout packages on time and in accordance with customer requirements.
  • Ensure the neatness and organization of closeout packages.
  • Archive physical and digital copies of closeout packages for ACR’s records.