Our experience has taught us that being involved early in the design phase is the key to the success of the project. By doing so, we are better able to understand the project as it relates to owners’ needs and expectations. The best facilities and development planning require a combination of practicality and creativity.

The pre-construction process involves delivery methods, accurate conceptual and detailed cost estimating, site evaluation, scheduling, and the selection of the best building systems for a particular project. Over half of the projects that we build at ACR Builders, Inc. are done using this method, and the results speak for themselves.

Our extensive database of completed projects provides historical analysis and also allows us to finish our projects on time and as efficiently as possible. Information can be sorted by type of job (health care, retail, country club, specialized projects, etc.). This tool empowers our estimating staff with invaluable information to provide accurate, realistic numbers.

We develop and maintain a master schedule, which identifies long lead items as well as design milestones, permits and approvals, early bid packages and phasing. We also create a three-week rolling schedule that provides a snapshot of the project and is regularly updated with any decisions that may impact completion. This information is reviewed on a weekly basis with the team so that everyone is on the same page at all times.

Our goal during the pre-construction process is to eliminate surprises once construction begins, and to build the project as cost-effectively as possible. This is a collaborative effort between all parties, including the owner, architect, design-build consultants, structural and mechanical engineers, and utility companies.

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