Job Purpose

Provide organization and technical expertise to construct the project in accordance with the contract documents.​ Direct work flow consistent with the schedule, communicate priorities to the field crews and subcontractors.​ Provide total control by studying contracts, contract documents, shop drawings and submittals to ensure proper means and methods are employed to accomplish the work in a safe and quality manner

Job Summary

The Project Superintendent is ultimately responsible for execution of the ACR Builders Inc.​ Safety Plan at the jobsite. ​ Work with the Project Manager to develop a project schedule.​ Monitor with and assist the Project Manager in the execution of the project financial goals. ​ Provide quality control by studying drawings, questioning uncertain details, continuously walking the job and inspecting each trades work and compare it to the contract documents.​ Be a problem solver prior to the work taking place and ensure that the work meets or exceeds the requirements of the contract documents.​


  • Provide leadership by using effective verbal and written communications to manage the subcontractors and field personnel as well as interact with the Owner, Architect and Consultants on behalf of the company.​
  • At project inception conduct a proactive review of the documents and the site to assess all constructability issues associated with the project.​  Continue a proactive approach throughout the project to identify potential problems/​conflicts and assist in their solutions.​
  • Start up the project assessing safety requirements and site logistics.​ Schedule and document safety start up meetings with the subcontractors reviewing ACR’s safety requirements, OSHA requirements, Site Specific Safety requirements and reporting requirements.​
  • Confirm all contracts are signed and insurance is in place prior to allowing any personnel on the jobsite to perform any work.​ Reads and has a working knowledge of subcontracts and change orders.​ Review weekly project logs for insurance, RFI’s, Submittals, and Material Delivery Logs to ensure the proper delivery of materials, equipment and labor to the project.​
  • Review shop drawings along with Project Manager to help ensure compliance with the construction documents.​
  • Enforce ACR’s IIPP requirements and ensure that the subcontractors are following good safety practices on a daily basis by performing daily job walks, documenting the results of those walks, updating daily reports, holding weekly jobsite safety meetings and document all incidents and injuries according to the IIPP.​ Takes decisive actions when any unsafe condition or action is discovered – Zero tolerance.​
  • Maintain the project in a neat and clean manner representing a professional appearance and maintaining a safe working environment.​
  • Maintain and publish 3 Week Look Ahead Schedules that reflects the base project schedule and work with the project team to update the project schedule to keep it current.​ Takes responsibility for completing the job on time.​
  • Maintains good working relationships with City Officials and Inspectors.​  Schedules all City Inspections in advance to ensure schedule commitments are met.​
  • Maintains good working relationships with all project consultants.​  Reviews documents with specific purpose to provide information on constructability and quality construction.​
  • Maintains good working relationships with specialty inspection agencies.​ Coordinates schedule commitments with affected subcontractors.​  Assists with maximizing efficient use of time for inspections to minimize cost to clients.​
  • Monitor and document all SWPPP, BMP and storm related paperwork related to the project including job surveys and updating of the SWPPP plans and keeping all files up to date.​
  • Notify the subcontractors with advanced notice so they can properly plan their work.​ Coordinate their work with other trades.​ Maintain good working relationship with all subcontractors ensuring that the subcontractors are treated fairly.​
  • Review and establish “Hot Issues” with each trade reviewing work for general compliance.​ Lead weekly subcontractor coordination and scheduling meetings reviewing inspection requests, inspection failures, required documents, testing and inspection requirements.​
  • Coordination with client’s vendors for installation and move-in.​
  • Maintains Permit and As-Built sets of documents in neat and professional manner.​


Technical Skills

  • Demonstrates a working knowledge of commercial construction with a minimum of five years of experience in this area.​
  • Knowledge and understanding of CPM scheduling methods
  • Proficient in the use of the following software:
    • MS Office (Word, Excel, Outllook)
    • Adobe Acrobat
    • MS Project or Suretrack
  • Current in the use of all CAL OSHA Title 8 specified requirements for the job at hand.​
  • Possesses the ability to recognize problems and generate workable solutions for approval and follow through to resolution of problems.​
  • Has an understanding of SWPPP requirements as to year round building as well as building in weather conditions and knows how to minimize the impact of the weather on the project.​