ACR Builders OC Register interview – CDC Small Business SBA Loans

In the 8/29/13 print edition of the OC Register, an interview with ACR Builders CEO Michele Richardson was published on the front page of the Business section.

The article and interview reveals the SBA loan funding capabilities of CDC Small Business Finance.  The article details the difficulties small businesses encounter when applying for start-up loans, SBA loans, and specifically SBA loans for new businesses.  The article also details how the SBA loan funding provided to ACR Builders by CDC contributed to the success and growth of ACR Builders.

Some quotes from Michele Richardson contained in the article,

Referencing the response received from local banks

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”Banks were like,
‘Are you kidding me?
You want a loan from
us?’” [/quote]

Referencing the impact of the SBA Loan

[quote align=”center” color=”#999999″]”It kept us going. It was a huge, huge help as
we had to lay out cash for the larger

The article:

 SBA Loans